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Itemized Report about what Gangaji says on her Homepage

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Itemized Report about what Gangaji says on her Homepage

Gangaji’s Introduction so you can Websites Clients come into Jealousy Environmentally friendly Arial Bold, 10pt. Reasonable questions one to the average in charge individual you are going to ask was extra during the 8pt , Minutes The brand new Roman Font. All help estimates are part of Moments The fresh new Roman bluish italic that have attract servings highlighted for the Challenging Burned Red.

“You will find a beneficial miracle you to beings through the date features announced, the trick out-of an extraordinary cost, brand new treasure of the nectar off endless lives.”

Gangaji does not say just who this woman is alluding to help you. Our company is kept to assume that the woman is making reference to higher spiritual luminaries for example Lord Brahma, Narada Muni, Veda Vyasa, Lord Ramachandra, Lord Krishna, Confucius, Zarathustra, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Muhammad, Lord Caitanya etcetera. (more…)

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