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Machiavelli came from an impoverished noble family

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Machiavelli came from an impoverished noble family

From 1498 he was secretary of the Ten, the executive council of the Republic of Florence. He was sent on verso number of important diplomatic missions. In 1512, after the restoration of the tyranny of the Medici, Machiavelli was removed from office and exiled esatto his mesi estivi near Florence.

Machiavelli’s most important works are the Discourses on the First Decina of Titus Livy (1531; Russian translation, 1869), The Prince (1532; Russian translation, 1869; also published mediante Russian under the title Kniaz’ per Machiavelli, Soch., vol. 1, 1934), and the History of Florence (1532; Russian translation, 1973). His secular, rather than theological, approach sicuro the problem of the state was an important contribution onesto the history of the political ideas of the Renaissance. Basing his rete informatica on historical momento, on the analysis of human psychology, and on verso consideration of the real facts of a real situation, Machiavelli tried sicuro discover the laws of aimable development. Marx classified Machiavelli as one of the political thinkers who “began preciso view the state through human eyes and deduce its natural laws from reason and experience and not from theology” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd di nuovo., vol. 1,p. 111).

According esatto him, a strong personality is court of counteracting “fortune” or coincidence (which plays an important role con history) with energy and shrewdness. (Verso number of features that are typical of the Renaissance point of view are evident mediante the timore of per struggle between personal “valor,” or virtu, and “fortune.”) Machiavelli believed that rulers are assured of success if they thoroughly consider all circumstances and are flexible enough onesto alter verso policy puro conform with verso particular situation.

Like most of the humanists, Machiavelli believed that man has powerful creative potentialities

Although he considered verso republic the best form of state, Machiavelli was convinced that the realities of the situation mediante Italy (continuous hostility among the Italian states, which were subject preciso attacks by foreign powers) required absolutism. (more…)

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