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MARTIN SANDOVAL: Female and men, thank you for visiting the commencement ceremony to have Eldorado Senior high school

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MARTIN SANDOVAL: Female and men, thank you for visiting the commencement ceremony to have Eldorado Senior high school

Eldorado Graduation Transcript

Please will still be standing to the presentation of colours by the Eldorado Senior high school Marine Corp Junior ROTC and Federal Anthem performed of the rencontres hispaniques Eldorado Senior school Band. It’s culture in the Eldorado that we substitute quiet, men get rid of the hats, which we remain condition till the color have gone brand new floor.

HANNAH NILSSON: The course from 2019 desires to increase an alternate enjoy to the recognized website visitors. Delight keep your own applause until all the visitors was brought.

RYAN OZATALAR: Troy Hughes, Affiliate Superintendent getting Management and you may Training, Region 4. Dr. Gabriella Blakey, Affiliate Superintendent getting Leaders and Training, Region step one. Lucinda Sanchez, Representative Superintendent having Unique Education. Dr. David Peercy, Chairman out-of Albuquerque Societal Schools Board from Education. And you may Barbara Peterson, Albuquerque Personal Schools Panel off Degree.

SAMANTHA DEBEVEC: Martin Sandoval, Dominant, Eldorado Senior high school. Rachel Weihe, Assistant Dominating, Eldorado High-school. Casey Cooper, Counseling Institution Chair.

Eldorado Highschool

HANNAH NILSSON: Sandra Casaus, Scholar Body Chairman. Emily Symons, College student Looks next Vice-Chairman. Mackenzie Hendrex, Beginner Human anatomy Treasurer. We could possibly and wish admit a few almost every other groups of Eldorado’s traffic. Eldorado’s well-known department seats and people administrators that are seated with the the ground to our left.

TEJAS KANDATH: Lauren performed the girl research at home, as the phrase means, whereas I performed my tasks the period before it is actually owed, a just as good means.

LAUREN HARSTAD: Fundamentally, when we experienced brand new swing regarding things, high-school flew early in the day united states therefore is actually at the conclusion the road.

TEJAS KANDATH: During these last couple of minutes of time once the an Eagle, prevent to own a moment and you will appreciate just what it took discover up to now.

LAUREN HARSTAD: Among all of us right here, particular spent occasions towards a shuttle to help you ring competitions, although some stayed in school assembling enthralling tragedies and hysterical comedies.

TEJAS KANDATH: We spent our Friday night watching the fresh new recreations games and getting covered within the colourful soil, while others invested a quiet nights home preparing for their 2nd chess meets.

LAUREN HARSTAD: Even if our company is a varied group and now we all of the had other experience, there are even of a lot that we express.

TEJAS KANDATH: EHS, as numerous of you discover, is short for perfection, honor, and you will spirit, some thing we were never ever permitted to forget.

TEJAS KANDATH: We-all was required to purchase extreme time in front out-of machines bringing banal, superfluous, state-mandated tests.

TEJAS KANDATH: The audience is a highly in a position to gang of graduates and we also see that the group of 2019 will go to get to unbelievable some thing.

LAUREN HARSTAD: The following years commonly fly of the, but we’re positive that you can allow it to be wherever existence takes you.

TEJAS KANDATH: Many thanks for the adventures, your way, additionally the big date spent around such previous several years.

HANNAH NILSSON: Alright, a day everyone. Friends, nearest and dearest, faculty, employees, and you will alumni, many thanks the to be right here. One pupils left unattended might be offered and you can sequestered so you can Ms. Coughlin, so keep an eye out.

When it comes to family of 2019, why don’t we congratulate our selves for the making it here. I am Hannah Nilsson, their Older Classification President, and you can with me was Ryan Ozatalar, their Vice president, Sam Debevec, your next Vice-president, Devin Martinez, their Assistant, and you will Evan O’Connell, your Treasurer. However probably keep in mind that out-of subtweeting us after our very own rained away Elder Sunrise and selection of category tune. But do not attention you to, let’s think of flipping our very own tassels and you can birth a new part of one’s lifestyle. Lately, we had been strolling on the places regarding Eldorado Highschool maybe not knowing what can be expected. We had been confused of the about three structures we had categories inside the, since if it actually was a tx orange labyrinth shouting El at united states. We in the near future went on to very late night and you will early days maybe not knowing whether we might rating an enormous shot, a lesson to your zoo that have Ms. Birch, otherwise a trailer delivering stumble on the side out-of vocational. Now that we’re prepared to move on out-of high school, i will not to able to see the latest familiar face we come across day-after-day. We are entering an alternate community you will find yet , to help you experience.

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